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Privacy Policy

Since we manufacture the client's order according to their specifications and size, any error in the order placement regarding the size will not be our responsibility. We will not exchange or refund orders, so please consult the size charts displayed on your screen prior to placing your order. In the event that you inadvertently select the incorrect measurement, please make the necessary adjustments within the designated 24-hour period.

Theft of confidential data

Certain individuals hold the belief that the information stored on credit cards and mobile devices is not as crucial as other data. However, those individuals should be cognizant of the fact that should this information fall into the wrong hands or be acquired by internet jihadists, it could be exploited to commit identity theft. It has the potential to cause you significant distress and ruin your decent life. The central bank furnishes comprehensive information regarding identity fraud; to verify its currency, one need only consult their bank statements.

We guarantee and provide complete security for your personal account information at Starlet Jackets.com. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding your information and will never sell it to a third party, as maintaining your trust is our foremost objective.

Important Information

To ensure that you receive your order on time, please provide us with the following information; we will safeguard it as promised.

We exert every effort to conceal your information due to the sensitivity of this particular detail. Regarding this, we adhere to stringent guidelines.

Modifications to the privacy statement

It is crucial and essential that our clients visit our website on a daily basis, as we modify and add to various policies and provide a variety of discount promotions. By frequenting it, you will acquire a wealth of intriguing information and specifics that will facilitate your communication with us. Additionally, we include information regarding the latest privacy policies that we implement on your email addresses.

Given that we execute orders in accordance with the size and color you specify, Starlet Jackets.com has no direct authority over the dimensions or hue. We do not issue refunds for orders placed in the incorrect size or color, so it is imperative that you verify your measurement thoroughly prior to placing your order. A measurement chart is available for reference on our website. If you have any size concerns, please contact us at support@starletjackets.com.

What if the jacket does not precisely suit me?

It is not a problem; merely return it in a reusable state within seven days, and we will ship the replacement. Custom-made items that correspond to your body measurement are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, as we are unable to resell them. Buyer responsibility shall extend to the transporter.

We do not accept returns, exchanges, or repayments for apparel purchases exceeding two items in a single transaction. This is to deter the practice of ordering products that are dissimilar to one another for the sole purpose of testing and subsequently choosing one.

There will be no modifications to the product, color, or size of a confirmed order during the processing phase, which occurs 24 hours later.

The following conditions will result in the cancellation of the order:

Prior to dispatching the new order, our quality management department conducts a quality assessment of the product. We will replace any damaged apparel during the shipping period with an alternative item via expedited delivery at our expense.

In the event that we are unable to authenticate the shipment's dispatch to your specified address, we shall issue a complete refund inclusive of the shipping expenses. If we fail to issue a refund within 29 business days of receiving payment from the purchaser, we will issue a refund.

What information is collected?

During registration, we collect essential details like contact information, name, address, and email. This information enables us to provide our services effectively.

How is the organization using this information?

We utilize collected data to update you on website modifications and share promotional offers, typically presented three to four times a month.

How is information shared with third-party companies?

Adhering strictly to our Privacy Policy, we don't share your information with third parties for marketing, unless explicitly agreed upon during data submission.

How are cookies employed?

Like other websites, we use cookies to enhance services, storing preferences, tailoring content, tracking visitors, and safeguarding data.

How can users modify or delete their personal information?

For user convenience, personal information can be easily modified with a single click after logging into their account

How can users opt out of future communications?

Users can unsubscribe by clicking the "opt-out" link or by notifying our sales department via email at support@starletjackets.com, expressing their preference not to receive promotional emails.