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Return And Exchange Policy

Review our exchange and return policies for your convenience.

For our valued customers' convenience, we have established an exceptional return and exchange policy. We shall ship the product that corresponds to the amount of your payment. Should you encounter any issues with the order or find the leather jacket you purchased to be of inferior quality, you may elect to exchange it for a different one at no cost to you, within thirty days of receiving the product.

Before returning an order for the purpose of taking advantage of our return and exchange policy, please send an email to our website. Through receiving your email, we have been notified that the return will be received.

You are obligated to adhere to the following return/exchange policy requirements:

Sizes and colors are not under our control at starletjackets.com, as we assemble orders according to the information you provide. Kindly note that in the event of incorrect size and color ordering, no refunds or returns are accepted. Before placing an order, therefore, consider the color and dimensions. Email us at sales@starletjackets.com if you have any further inquiries.

1. Slight unease with the fit of the garment upon my person.

We will ship you a replacement within seven days, provided that you return your uniform in pristine condition suitable for sale. There are no exchanges or refunds available. For orders that are custom-made to the measurement you provide, as the item was created specifically for your body and cannot be resold to another customer. In any case, the client is responsible for the delivery expenses.

2. Two apparel items purchased in a single transaction are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and not returnable. This is in order to preemptively choose a single product rather than ordering multiple ones.

3. Within twenty-four hours of verification, no product, color, or size may be exchanged; it will be returned for redesign.

4. The cancellation of an outfit is determined by the subsequent criteria:

5. Prior to dispatching new orders to customers, our high quality department conducts a thorough quality inspection of the product. Should the garment not meet our standards within the designated delivery time, we will issue a replacement via priority shipping at our expense.

6. Faulty payment within 29 business days of the due date will preclude the acceptance of refund requests. We shall remit the complete amount along with the expenses incurred for shipping.